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If the hotel is not on the list please call our office toll free at 1.888.414.0017 to arrange your reservation by phone.

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Cancun Destination Guide

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Cancun is the one of the most important resort destinations in Mexico. Founded in 1970, Cancun rapidly became known around the world for its spectacular turquoise blue waters and magnificent natural wonders. Now day, Cancun is a top worldwide destination with millions of people visiting per year.

Cancun is divided in two zones, the city zone and the hotel zone. In the city you will find all the amenities and services of a developed community such as banks, restaurants, schools, churches, foreign consulates, markets, hospitals, etc. The hotel zone is the "tourist zone" where you will find all the fun activities and entertainment such as world class shopping, amazing hotels and resorts, fantastic restaurants and, of course, the blue sea beaches that makes Cancun an incredible place.

But Cancun is by far more than just a destination with beautiful beaches. Amazing Cancun Activities and sightseeing are available for your enjoyment. Cancun Tours include the amazing Chichen Itza Tour which was recently named a New 7 Wonder of the World, the ecological Xcaret Tour, the picture perfect Tulum & Xel-Ha Tour, the cultural Coba Tour, the complete Cozumel Tour, and a lot more. For Things to do in Cancun, how about the World's Famous Lobster Dinner Cruise, the Wild Booze Cruise Caribbean Carnival, a party cruise to Isla Mujeres, the adventurous ATV & Speed Boat Tour or the incredible Jungle Tour, just to name a few.

As a Top World Destination, Cancun is very accessible from every corner of the globe. All major airlines have direct or nonstop service to Cancun. Cancun International Airport is the only airport available in the area and every year more than 8 million passengers pass through its doors.

There are several companies that provide transportation services from the Cancun International Airport to any hotel in Cancun. These companies include www.CancunShuttle.com, www.cancunsharedshuttle.com, and www.cancun-taxi.com. Once in Cancun, taxis and buses are available from all the hotels and locations in downtown and the hotel zone.

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For questions regarding getting to your hotel or lodging in Cancun from the Cancun International Airport, please call our Transportation Services Desk toll free from the US & Canada at 1-888-414-0017 or direct from anywhere around the world at +52 998 848 0335. You can also contact us by email at contact@cancun-airport.com